Last Updated on February 17, 2022 by OoS

Games Workshop pulled Kill Team back from the dead (Yay!), and since it is rebirth it has gained some popularity fast in the Warhammer Community with people enjoying playing the smaller skirmish style games that are fun, and fast paced. You’ll be pleased to know that with small games like Kill Team, even if you are buying a Kill Team Starter Set, there is less demand for miniature storage (unless you are bringing multiple armies). That said, you’ll still need storage for your miniatures, but rest easy gamer, I have built the best Kill Team cases below for you to check out.

The Best Kill Team Carry Cases:

Kill Team Carry Case: Citadel Carry Case

Kill Team Carry Cases: Feldherr Mini 32 Miniatures Figure Case

Feldherr Mini 32 Miniatures Figure Case
  • very nice Feldherr Mini Bag complete filled with:
  • 2 x 35 mm foam trays stores up to 16 miniatures each
  • 1 x foam topper

Kill Team Squad Carry Case: Chessex

Chessex Figure Carrying Case for 25mm Figures (14 Figures)
  • 25mm humanoids
  • 14 figure capacity
  • cut out size 1½" x 1" x 9/16"
  • 1 level of foam

What Kill Team Case Would I Buy?

You can buy small and affordable cases for Kill Team, but it is best to buy one than not and risk damaging your figures, even if Kill Team only has 4 miniatures it is best to keep them safe.