The PC has it all: lots of control options, mods, high-resolution gameplay and all sorts of video games – including board games. For this article, we will be basing the best digital board games for PC that you can find on Amazon. As our top choice, Pandemic: The Board GameMonopoly Here & Now” link_icon=”none” /] revitalizes the classic Monopoly gameplay with quality of life changes. Read more about them here below. 

Best Digital Board Game for PC: Monopoly Here & Now 

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There really isn’t much to talk about here and now but Monopoly Here & Now is the quintessential digital monopoly that any board game fanatic should have. It has improved graphics, a full voice for the monopoly man and a more modernized board design. It’s the same Monopoly gameplay you have come to know and love throughout all these years and it has become better than ever. It’s also priced very cheap on Amazon even though its physical copy is quite rare these days. 

Monopoly Here & Now - PC


  • Classic Monopoly gameplay 
  • Modernized game board 
  • Works properly on PC 


  • No online mode 
  • Rare to find a physical copy 
  • No digital copy version 

Best Classic Digital Board Game for PC: Bicycle Board Games

  • Simple gameplay
  • Beautiful art
  • Relaxing musics
  • Play Tokaido wherever and whenever you want
  • Solo against the AI

From the same company that created one of the most famous classic deck of cards, Bicycle Board Games is a classic general-audience game that includes more than a dozen well-known board games from different walks of life. Of course, that means you can only get to play card games like Poker, Blackjack and Klondike as well as Chess, Checkers and Snakes and Ladders. However, while they may be basic, this bundle is considered a classic among middle-aged players that still love it to this day.



  • Classic board games and card games 
  • Signature Bicycle design 
  • Relaxing music 


  •  Nothing different from Hoyle 
  • Hard to find the physical copy 
  • No digital copy 

Best Variety Digital Board Game for PC: Hoyle Card Puzzle and Board games 

Galaxy Trucker
  • epic trucking campaign written by Vlaada
  • online quick duel
  • asynchronous or real-time online play
  • multiplayer single-tablet pass-and-play
  • 12 AI personalities for solo play

Personally, Hoyle Card Puzzle and Board Games is a game I grew up with, which led me to my love for other board games. It’s a simple puzzle and board game similar to Bicycle or Monopoly Casino but there is a certain charm that only Hoyle can deliver: its designs, its atmosphere, and – at times – its humor. The best part about Hoyle games is that you can customize your own avatar and give him or her their own voice lines. You can also interact with the different NPCs in the game which brings more life to every match. Its word games are as fun as it is humorous too especially with anagrams involving 2 shaman skulls that break the silence with their dialogues. 

Galaxy Trucker


  • Full of classic card, puzzle and board games 
  •  Customizable avatar 
  • Interactive NPCs 


  • Hard to find the physical copy 
  • No digital copy 
  • A lot of people forgot about Hoyle 

Alternative Digital Board Games for PC

Istanbul: Digital Edition
  • Can you be the first merchant to collect a certain number of rubies?
  • Run, collect and trade goods across the bazaar
  • Take control over your assistants
  • Increase your wheelbarrow capacity
  • Acquire special abilities to increase the advantage over your competitors

Eight-Minute Empire
  • - Eight-Minute Empire digital board game adaptation - official rules plus extra additions
  • - languages: English, German, Dutch, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese Traditional and Simplified, Russian
  • - play with AI, with friends or both
  • - pass and play mode
  • - online multiplayer with synchronous and asynchronous modes

What Would I Buy?

It’s a no-brainer to buy Monopoly Here & Now and since it has more copies on Amazon compared to Bicycle and Hoyle. Of course, Bicycle and Hoyle are also good video board games too, especially if you want a throwback to timeless classics. And so, these are the top 3 best digital board games for PC that you can find on Amazon. 


How much are board games on PC?

Unlike fully-fledged video games, board games on PC are at least $3 up to $20 depending on the year it was released as well as its content.

Are there board games on Xbox One and PS4?

Currently, the only known board games on these consoles are the card games like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone as well as The Witcher Adventure Game and the latest Monopoly.

Can I play digital board games solo?

Of course you can play digital board games solo thanks to included computer AI that may be your friend or foe.

Can I play digital board games online?

Yes you can as long as the board game allows online multiplayer.

Can I find other board games on Steam?

Yes, most modern board games are found on Steam. You may also try the Microsoft Store too.