Last Updated on February 17, 2022 by OoS

Stop Press: We have built a Step by Step Cheat Sheet for Board Game Developers (Video Game developers may also find this useful).

Game Developers Inspiration

You need to play games to make games, go learn game mechanics and mechanisms, watch fiction do anything that gives you the power to be creative and develop games.

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Brainstorm Your Ideas

Write it down, I prefer a massive list then work from there.

Market Research

  • Has it been done before?
  • Is there space in the market?

Take Action

  1. Ideas are Worthless without Execution
  2. Share it: Ideally in a Gaming Community, don’t feel threatened that it will be stolen, remember it’s time and execution not the idea that you need for a product
  3. Create a proof of concept, start making part of the game and see how it feels to you

Test It First!

  1. Test the Game
  2. Are the rules complicated?

Check out this game design course:

I hope this small editorial on game development and design has given you the inspiration to go and develop games, breaking down the huge, threatening developer tasks into a small cheat sheet.