Our short Warhammer 40,000 Necromunda Review, for Necromunda Dark Uprising (2019 edition).

TL:DR Necromunda Dark Uprising Review:

  • A large high quality Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Game
  • No more cardboard: The original Necromunda game from 1995 was cardboard, The Dark Uprising box comes with ruined barricades, bulkheads, objective markers, high quality cards, and even modular boards. The walls on the boards create corridors of the trashy, terrain-rich underhive.
  • Hobby level quality Necromunda miniatures

Necromunda Dark Uprising: What’s In The Box?

Necromunda Dark Uprising Review: Whats in The Box

Dark Uprising is a fresh take on Necromunda for both veterans and newcomers alike. The box is bursting with amazing models, including modular Zone Mortalis terrain, two complete gangs – the twisted Corpse Grinder Cult and indomitable Palanite Enforcers – plus a rulebook, cards, dice and rulers.

Dark Uprising miniatures

This contains absolutely everything you need to play Necromunda. But it has so much more than that – it features details of the rise of the Corpse Grinder Cults and the fall of Hive Arcos, as well as details for creating your own Enforcer Patrol or Corpse Grinder Cult. There’s also a new campaign, which follows the descent of a hive into the grips of a Chaos uprising and six scenarios that capture the deterioration into lawlessness.

Necromunda Dark Uprising Game Info:

  • Number of Players: 2 Players
  • Playing Time: 60–90 Min
  • Age: 12+
  • Weight: 3.00 / 5 Complexity Rating
  • Publisher: Games Workshop

How To Play Necromunda: Dark Uprising

Necromunda Rulebook

Dark Uprising Rule Book
Games Workshop NECROMUNDA: The Book of Judgement
  • New campaign rules & rules for new Enforcers figures

Necromunda Dark Uprising Dice:

Dark uprising Dice

Dark uprising Floor Tiles:

Dark uprising Floor Tiles

Necromunda Dark Uprising Review: Would I Buy it, Should You?

For example: for whom is Necromunda intended? To whom would I recommend it? It is a good introductory game for those who are not part of the hobby, except that it is probably too clumsy and overly complicated. The people who will really enjoy it are those who have huge terrain collections to populate their sub-beds, but I can hardly believe that it will arouse the long-term interest of hardcore wargamers, especially when the field is filled with great games more than ever.

The support is really limited at the moment. The starter box is great, but there are two gangs plus one more on the way, which is nowhere near the dozen factions of the original. Considering that you need 5-6 people to play, you’ll be seeing many of the same models for quite some time.

Campaigns are still the main event, and all the ingredients for great stories and exciting character growth are there. But there’s also the randomness, the potential disappointment and the reality that your gang is one or two Permadeaths away from being scum.