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Looking to roll fairly? Then we have the best D&D dice tray for you to choose from. These top 3 trays are among 30 different dice trays that we researched. For our personal choice, we picked the Epessa Dice Tray Check out the details below.

The Best D&D Dice Tray: Epessa Dice Tray

2 Pcs Dice Tray DND Dice Tray Dice Rolling Tray PU Leather Folding Holder for for RPG, DND and Other Dice Games -8.5''
  • Exquisite elegant stitched design: A dark blue velvet on one side, and a thick PU Leather on the reverse side .Folding Size: Diameter 8.5 inch, Height 2 inch.
  • PACKABLE AND PORTABLE: with snaps in the 6 corners to make it is easy to fold and unfold and pack flat inside your case or bag.a great travel companion when jet-setting or on a road trip across the globe.
  • Applications 1: Good idea for RPG, DND, Other Dice Games as dice tray.
  • Applications 2:Large enough space to hold your watches, jewelry, keys, coins, candy,lite accessories or dice tray. And this dice tray is simple and has a great physical feel!
  • Application scenario:Convenience to Store things for home,office,Outdoor Party and nice appearance as a Furnishings.

We could have used the Crystal Lemon dice tray but they never restocked. Fortunately, there is an exact alternative that plays as fair: the Epessa dice tray. It only comes with color blue but it functions as the most standard type of dice tray for any die type. It has the perfect ratio of bounce and grip, giving every die a fair advantage. Also, it is the cheapest among the dice trays in this list. D&D players use it, WH40K players recommend it, we recommend it. Also, it includes 2 trays in one purchase which makes the deal even sweeter.

2 Pcs Dice Tray DND Dice Tray Dice Rolling Tray PU Leather Folding Holder for for RPG, DND and Other Dice Games -8.5''


  • Cheap
  • All-around tray
  • Adds fairness to the game


  • Only comes in blue
  • Surface tarnishes over time
  • Easily gets crumpled

Top D&D Dice tray: Souza Dice Tower and Tray

Dice Tower and Tray - Solid Walnut by Souza Custom Woodworking
  • Handcrafted from black walnut - dice not included
  • Tower is constructed of 1/2-inch solid walnut, is 4-inches square and 10-inches tall, and has red felt-covered baffles
  • Tray is lined with felt and felt covers the bottom to protect table top surfaces
  • Photos are representative as no two pieces of natural wood are identical

Instead of just opting for a regular rectangle dice tray, this walnut-made Souza tray includes a dice tower. In short, you drop the dice in the rectangular slot and watch it roll down onto the tray. It is kind of like pachinko but for dice and we happen to really like it. It adds more thrill to any game plus you will never need to roll the dice on your hand anymore since the giant tower will do that for you. It is 100% made from walnut so expect this fancy tray to last for decades. Keep in mind that this thing is anything but cheap.

Dice Tower and Tray - Solid Walnut by Souza Custom Woodworking


  • Fancy
  • 100% walnut
  • No need to roll anymore


  • Very large on a table
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Best Looking D&D Dice Tray: Truewon Tower Tray

Truewon Standard Size Dice Tower Tray Box for RPGs Board Games Accessories Metal Dice Equipment Good for Dragon and Dungeon D20 DND D&D Gray
  • Good for RPGs and Board Games dice .
  • Can be used perfectly in the ordinary D20 (21mm / 0.82in).
  • Size: 7.5" length x 4" width x 8.1" height.
  • Manufactured by 3D printing technology. Materials are safe and environmentally friendly.
  • One clear Tower, dice not included.(Search "Truewon" to buy the dice shown on the picture.)

For the most immersive dice RNG experience, buy the Truewon Tower Tray. It sets itself different from other trays with its fance castle tower with stairs that acts like a dice roller onto the flat tray surface. This tray is one of a kind and arguably one of the best-looking tower trays we have ever seen. There is something about its design that makes any game feel more enjoyable when you play D&D as if even the tray is part of the roleplay. Of course, with a grand tray like this, expect the price to be expensive. But, is it worth all the money? It definitely is.

Best D&D Dice Trays


  • Great castle design
  • Makes games more immersive
  • One of a kind


  • Heavy
  • Very expensive
  • Dice land too fast from the tower

What Would I Buy?
Honestly, all of these are the best D&D dice trays that we could find but for the simplest and most effective type, we recommend the Epessa Dice Tray. It may not have a fancy design but it sure makes any D&D dice phase fairer. If you prefer something unique and different, try out the Souza dice tower and tray. But if you like the most immersive experience ever in turn-based actions, go with the Truewon tower tray.

What are dice trays for?

Dice trays serve as an honorable place for your table. It gives your dice a dedicated hub and a distinct role on the table and on the game itself. It also secures your dice so they do not slip off the table everytime.

Am I required to use a dice tray?

If you cannot afford it, it is okay not to have a dice tray. After all, it is just an optional (but recommended) peripheral on the table that improves the gameplay experience.

How big should a dice tray be?

You can either go for an octagonal tray or a rectangular tray as long as the dimensions are 12 x 10 x 1.5″. This is the standard measurement for any D&D game according to the experts at BESCON.