In this game everyone and everything is trying to kill you – can you stay alive?

  • The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game Core Set includes: Free Gaming Mat, Rick Plastic Survivor Miniature, Carl Plastic Survivor Miniature, Derek Plastic Survivor Miniature, Patrick Plastic Survivor Miniature, Liam Plastic Survivor Miniature, Sandra Plastic Survivor Miniature.
  • 12 Plastic Walker Miniatures, 1 Rulebook, 1 Quick Start Guide, 1 RV, 4 Cars (card), 6 Barricades (card), 9 Supply Counters (card), 1 Threat Tracker.
  • 1 Kill Zone/Blast Template, 1 Range Ruler, 1 Initiative Counter, 10 Activation Counters, 10 Health Counters, 6 Survivor Cards, 1 Walker Reference Card.
  • 15 Event Cards, 16 Supply Cards, 8 Equipment Cards, 6 Red Dice, 2 White Dice, 1 Blue Die, 1 Black Action Die, 1 Yellow Panic Die, 2 Mantic Points.
  • All miniature supplied assembled but unpainted

The Walking Dead: All Out War is the ultimate survival miniatures game. The characters, taken directly from the pages of the comic series The Walking Dead, are pitted against each other in a fierce battle for supplies.

Mantic Games The Walking Dead: All Out War - Collector's Edition

They lead a group of survivors in a skirmish in an attempt to gain valuable booty… but beware, the walkers react to your every move, and other groups want the same loot as you – and they’ll do anything to get it!

Mantic Games The Walking Dead: All Out War - Collector's Edition
  • Officially Licensed
  • Collector's Edition!
  • Contains The Walking Dead: All Out War Core Set, The Prelude to Woodbury Solo Starter Set, Scenery Booster, Roamer Booster, Equipment Booster, and a Deluxe Neoprene Gaming Mat!
  • Ages 14+
  • 30-60 Minutes Playing Time

The battle is fast and furious, and the dice throws are easy to understand and balanced so that the wanderers feel powerful without being overpowered. To simulate the danger of zombie hordes, the number of attack dice thrown increases exponentially with each undead attacking the same character, i.e. the first zombie throws one die, the second two, the third three and so on.