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Update: Call of Duty Mobile now supports controllers again, see here for instructions.

The keyboard and mouse are always the best controllers for PC gaming, but CoD mobile is best played enjoyed with a controller. Over time, more and more console games have been making their way to the PC. In this light, it makes more sense to have a PC gaming controller at hand. This situation begs the question, what makes the best PC gaming controller? In the review below, we have described the Xbox 360 controller, the DualShock 4, a few PC gaming pads, and official versions of the Xbox one controller. Below are the top five Call of Duty Mobile Controllers. They have been selected according to control, comfort, and how they are suited for PC gaming.

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PlayStation DualShock 4 (Best CoD Mobile Contoller)

The PlayStation DualShock 4 is a great option for playing CoD mobile however, upon overall consideration of its features, it is the best all-around choice. It is quite durable and takes in more force than other controllers.

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Ergonomic design: Very responsive buttons and analog sticks ensure that gamers enjoy more precision while gaming. Additionally, gamers get to relish its elegant, super comfortable design.

Built-in stereo headset and speaker: Gamers are able to chat with online buddies through the headset while enjoying extra sound effects. Moreover, the pad offers a savoring vibration feedback. The gamers are more engaged with the gaming action as the controller vibrates.
Light bar: The integrated light bar is able to emit colors thereby personalizing the gaming experience. Additionally, this bar assists the PlayStation camera to .track the player’s current position. This is particularly important while using PlayStation VR in virtual surroundings.
Share button: The gameplay is used to upload gameplay pictures and videos on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Moreover, through the button, players are able to invite friends to play the game. The touchpad is used to gesture, guide and draw. In the current model, it is restyled to ensure that the controller can see the light bar color from above as they play.

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (Best Wireless Gaming Controller 2022)

The Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a configurable, sturdy, and gorgeous controller made for enthusiasts of fancy pads. The fact that the new model has incorporated slick software made to allow for tweaking of trigger maximum and minimum values, button assignments, stick sensitivities, and profile designation make this controller very good for PC experimentation. Close to all features of this controller are considered and precise. In this light, even though its design does not step out of the ordinary, the sleek, configurable design makes it a good choice for those who can afford. Some of the features include:

  • Game-changing accuracy: The Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller adapts to the controller’s hand size and play size. Consequently, the gamers get to enjoy more precise control across numerous gaming genres.
  • Ergonomics: Swap between a number of thumb sticks for customized control. Realize configurations that enhance speed, improve accuracy, and ensure easier reach with differently sized thumbsticks.
  • Interchangeable paddles: It is easy to remove and attach paddles on the fly. With this model, players do not have to take the thumbs from the thumbstick while trying to perform intricate aim, jump, and shoot combos.

Razer Wildcat (Best Steam Controller 2022)

This controller is quite similar to the Xbox One controller in as far as shape and size are concerned. Moreover, just as in the Xbox One controller, this pad comes with optional adhesive grips thus ensuring that holding the controller for long periods is quite comfortable. All the buttons are made to press with a responsive and satisfying click: just like using a mouse. However, the super responsive nature of the pad means that accidental button presses are not a non-issue and well within its shortcomings.

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The razer wildcat is specifically made to suit tournament play. It is developed in light of the recommendations made by the best esports athletes in the world. This controller ensures additional functionality as compared to ordinary controllers hence offering unparalleled customizability. Additionally, its optimized weight and good wired connection are made to support long gaming sessions. This has often offered gamers an unfair advantage over competitors not using this particular gaming pad.

The Razer Wildcat might feel like an impulse buy: it is not. The controller has close to similar customizations as the Xbox Elite controller making it warrant a higher pricing point.

Steam Controller (Runner Up Best Gaming Controller for PC)

The steam controller’s attempt at reconfiguring the living room into a PC gaming room does not feel complete. The steam controller can control games well, however, it gives an awkward feel between keyboard-mouse and gamepad control.

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Nonetheless, the controller makes it to the top five list. This is because the pad is the only gamepad that has been created to play games that are not developed to accept controllers out of the box. For those who would like to play games without using the keyboard and mouse but would still wish to replicate the functionality of the two, the steam controller is the best option.

This steam controller enables players to enjoy their entire collection of steam games on their TV including the ones not developed with PC controller in mind. This controller comes with dual trackpads, dual stage triggers, HD haptic feedback, back grip buttons, and customizable control systems.

Xbox 360 Controller (Best Cheap PC Gaming Controller 2022)

The Xbox 360 Controller is a good alternative to the Xbox 360 and DualShock 4 controller. One of the biggest strengths of this controller lies in its durability. Additionally, most PC games are developed with the Xbox 360 Controller in mind. The best advantage of this controller is in its ease of use. PC games normally autodetect once the controller is plugged in. With other controllers, such as the DualShock 4, a bit of setup is required before you can start playing. In the same line, the pad is fitted with official drivers hence do not require any form of troubleshooting.

In a nutshell, the Xbox 360 Controller consistently delivers a good gaming experience across Microsoft’s gaming platforms. Experience optimum gaming experience with the Xbox 360 Controller.

Sony’s and Microsoft’s pads, the DualShock 4 andthe Xbox One controller are the default and most popular pads. In that light, they are considered to be the best for PC gaming.