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We tested out 5 remarkable gaming mice that you will want to get in order to maximize your competitive edge on Overwatch. Whether you’re planning to get to the Grandmaster division or just playing for fun, we carefully reviewed each mouse to see what makes them great for the class-based shooter. Let’s check out every gaming mouse on this list.

Best Mouse for Overwatch

Razer DeathAdder Elite

With an astounding optical sensor, ergonomic design, strong mechanical switches, and seven programmable buttons, the Razer DeathAdder is the primary choice in the esports scene. Strong, tactile, and sleek, this gaming mouse is a must-have for precision-aiming. The customizable buttons help a lot too.


  • 16,000 DPI 5G optical sensor
  • Ergonomic textured rubber grips
  • Chroma lighting with 16,800,000 colors


  • Mouse wheel squeaks after months
  • Slightly too sensitive thumb buttons
  • LMB tends to double-click randomly

Razer DeathAdder Elite is one of the brand’s flagship gaming mice in the market. It’s not the most expensive gaming mouse out there but it sure feels luxurious when you use it.

Above all else, you will love its top-notch ergonomics: the shape is suitable for any hand size, the textured rubber grips on the side results in more precise aiming and the 5G optical sensor does its job well in delivering great speeds without the worries of input lag.

The 7 customizable buttons are also convenient; letting you do quick actions that make melee combat and call-outs feel more convenient.

However, while the mechanical switches extend up to 50 million clicks, there is an odd issue with the left mouse button; randomly double-clicks when you left-click once especially after months of usage. This has been a known issue with the DeathAdder for quite some time but Razer assures to fix it soon.

So, why do we pick this as the best mouse for Overwatch? Simple: it’s a great all-around gaming mouse for a reasonable price. You won’t find any better mouse within the $45-$60 range. And if your purpose is accurate shooting – which is essential for Hanzo, Ashe, Genji, McCree, and Widowmaker – or to use the custom side buttons for convenience, this is a must-buy.

Best Budget Mouse

BenQ Zowie FK1

Ambidextrous, and affordable, the Zowie FK1 is a budget gaming mouse that contrastingly feels very professional to the touch. The overall specs of the Zowie FK1 were based on pro players’ mouse settings such as Miro, Taimou, and ShadowBurn during the Overwatch World Cup in 2016. 


  • Quite affordable for its specs
  • Ambidextrous design for all players
  • Up to 3100 DPI


  • High click latency
  • Wheel scrolling feels rough
  • Frequent accidental side button clicking

The Zowie FK1 is a rather discrete gaming mouse that’s all about substance over style. From an initial perspective, it looks plain; it does not have RGB colors or multiple fancy customizable buttons, and no drivers. But, what it lacks in design makes up for performance. The Zowie series was intentionally made for FPS games and the FK1 was based on pro player preferences from Overwatch and CSGO.

The 3100 DPI optical sensor ensures minimal input lag for better responsiveness in the match. However, the mouse wheel feels a bit rugged – which makes it a nuisance for players that prefer smooth scrolling. And then, there are the side buttons present on both ends of the body. While we do appreciate its approach to welcome both left and right-handed players, you’ll need some getting used to with the side buttons.

But overall, it’s very good at a competitive price.

Best Wireless Mouse

Logitech G903

Ask any expert what the best wireless mouse is and a lot of them will say it’s the Logitech G903. Gone are the days of input lag due to wireless connection thanks to this beast. Logitech always made great gaming mice but the G903 blew everything out of the water.


  • Great software configuration
  • Amazing DPI range
  • Usable while charging


  • Odd disconnections at 500ms
  • Double-clicking issues with the LMB
  • Scrolling sounds loud

Rechargeable wireless mice have the habit of lagging when it is low on battery. But as for the Logitech G903, usage still feels tact-on up to the last minute. Additionally, it is the only wireless mouse with POWERPLAY technology – letting you use the mouse even when it is charging – which makes it very convenient to use at any time.

But if you prefer wired, worry not; this mouse comes along with a connection too. The weight feels light in an adequate way – not too heavy like the Zowie FK1+ but not too featherweight like a regular mouse.

While it does have some small mishaps such as weird random disconnections when you set the DPI to 500ms and a loud mouse wheel, it surpasses most gaming mice with its precise aiming and quick response times. This wireless mouse puts the wired ones to shame.

Best Wired Mouse

Logitech G Pro

A streamlined design, the Logitech G Pro is a choice for FPS veterans. Its lightweight design and good DPI range make this a must-have for shooter games – especially Overwatch. It also has a built-in HERO sensor – an exclusive technology that can run from 100 to 16,000 DPI resolution.


  • Lightweight
  • Over 16.8M RGB colors
  • Advanced PMW3366 optical sensor


  • No additional buttons
  • too small for large hands
  • Looks too old-school

Rivaling the Razer DeathAdder Elite is the Logitech G Pro. It’s made for FPS games which makes this a solid choice for a lot of professional players in various leagues. Primarily, its astonishing HERO sensor lets you adjust the sensitivity from 100 to 16,000 – which makes it ideal to suit specific heroes in Overwatch. Combine this with its lightweight design and you get quick targeting and great tracking accuracy.

However, if you’re highly dependent on thumb buttons, this might disappoint you: it only includes two side buttons on the left and right regions of the mouse. For the player with a large hand, this might let you down too due to its small design; unless you’re used to a small mouse.

Were it not for the missing additional buttons, this should have been our best overall gaming mouse compared to the Razer DeathAdder. But nevertheless, it’s still a powerful gaming mouse for a class-based shooter.

Best Budget Wireless Mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless

You’d be surprised to know that this is the cheapest wireless gaming mouse available today – and a good one for its price. It uses the same technology as its wired counterpart: includes a built-in HERO sensor, lightweight ambidextrous design, and zero latency.


  • Same specs from its wired version
  • Ambidextrous and lightweight
  • Minimal clicking and scrolling sounds


  • Charging takes long
  • Issues on full-charging
  • Too small for large hands

Whatever good things you read about the wired G Pro carry onto the wireless version: the HERO sensor with highly adjustable DPI, the light design, the ergonomic and ambidextrous handling, and wonderful RGB lighting colors. If you thought the price was expensive, it’s cheaper than its competition – and that makes this a solid choice for a budget wireless gaming mouse.

However, besides its smallness that makes it hard for large-handed players, the main problem rests on its charging. Customers commonly complain about its long recharge time as well as a defunct where the battery doesn’t reach up to 100%. But if you have the patience to wait, this shouldn’t be too much of a hindrance for you. After all, the battery lasts long up to 24 hours.

It’s no G903 but it gets the job done. If you hate wires and you need a wireless gaming mouse on the fly, you got to have this.

What Would We Buy?

We tested out each gaming mouse for at least 30 minutes of Overwatch – both Casual and Competitive modes to see how much edge it brings in battles.

Ultimately, it all comes down to preference but if want an all-purpose mouse that makes playing Overwatch easier yet more competitive, the Razer DeathAdder Elite is the best choice. It has good weight, a very ergonomic touch, soft clicking sounds, and easy configuration software. Whether you’re a DPS main who plans on carrying each game or a flanker that wants to sabotage enemy defensive positions quickly, the Razer DeathAdder will make your life easier.

The mouse was intentionally built for Overwatch so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get it – especially considering its affordability as a gaming mouse. Whether you’re a pro player or not, this needs to be at the top of your list.