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The Logitech G Pro headset just like the keyboard and mouse is a portable, comfortable and sensible peripheral that will help you in getting that job done on competitive esports. With a reasonable price tag, the G Pro is a worth giving a trial. Although it is not perfect, if you prioritize competitive multiplayer, then you will find a lot to like about the Logitech G Pro.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Review


The Logitech G Pro has an industrial sleek design pairing hard angles with visible steel and smooth curves. Additionally, its design is identical to the Logitech G433. However, it does not have the rough fabric finish. Instead, the G Pro is padded with faux leather that is comfortable and soft.

Notably, the typical game aesthetics are not present in the Logitech G Pro. The black model comes with s subtle of silver notes in the Glogo and the stainless steel headband extenders. The headset is made out of nylon that is flexible and feels fairly durable. Moreover, the headset can stretch to fit even larger heads.

The ear cups of Logitech G Pro are soft, matte black plastic that feels comfortable, although they quickly pick up grease. They have a C shaped arms that can rotate to 100 degrees, letting them lie on your chest or pack away flat on your bag. During a fitting, the headset offers a noticeable clamping force. However, the soft, large earpads do an excellent job of distributing pressure, although at times it has some discomfort on the upper jaw.

Additionally, the microphone is subtle, and it helps in maintaining the low key gamer aesthetic. It includes a small filter, and the arms are made of highly flexible metals that makes its positioning very easy.

The only set back in the design is the inline controls. They are designed high up on the cable, with a volume and mute switch wheel. The shirt clip is tiny and does not help unless you have a chest pocket with a sheer hem. Fortunately, though, the braided cable does not introduce much noise, and the inline controls are small; thus, without clipping, there is no problem.


Logitech G Pro offers excellent sound performance. During gaming, the sound produced is unique, but it lacks the pinpoint positional audio surround effect. However, they still manage to make a sound more comfortable. Besides, the ear cups offer a decent amount of noise isolation. But, they do not leave your eyes feeling like they have been boxed.

The power of the headset’s speakers drivers combined with the isolation easily drowns out a loud external noise. It performs exceptionally in drowning out the background noise. Beyond games, the earphones are pretty excellent for listening to music.

Final verdict

Undeniably, the Logitech G Pro is a quality headset. Logitech took into consideration the pro-gamer feedbacks in the design. It matches every need of a pro-gamer; hence, making it a perfect choice.