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Here are some of the best Warhammer Fantasy novels that we researched from over 35 books. These are considered fan favorite and “essentials” in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. For our top choice, we pick Gotrek and Felix. Take a look here.

Best Warhammer Fantasy Novel: Gotrek and Felix

Gotrek and Felix: The First Omnibus (Warhammer Chronicles)
  • King, William (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 960 Pages - 10/16/2018 (Publication Date) - Games Workshop (Publisher)

Gotrek and Felix are among one of the most popular choices in the Warhammer Fantasy books. Combined with clever writing, amazing cast of characters and one of the most dynamic duos in the WH universe, Gotrek and Felix is a series that any fan or beginner should never miss out on. The adventures of Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaeger. The chemistry between the warrior Dwarf and the wise human Engineer are some of the best bros ever in a novel.

Gotrek and Felix: The First Omnibus (Warhammer Chronicles)


  • Longest book series
  • Iconic characters
  • All volumes are great


  • Some inconsistent writing
  • Several forgettable characters
  • Somehow feels forced on some parts

Best Warhammer Fantasy Novel: Zavant

Zavant (Warhammer Novel) by Gordon Rennie (2002-03-21)
  • 02/18/2022 (Publication Date) - Black Library (Publisher)

Zavant is a huge contrast to other Warhammer books and that is what makes it unique compared to the others. If you have read Sherlock Holmes or even Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, Zavant is pretty much like those mystery and investigation novels but set in the WH Fantasy universe and more violent. It consists of various short stories revolving around different cases. It is a great change of pace from all the epic battles and large scale clashes with a more secluded tone and slow build-ups.

Zavant (Warhammer Novel) by Gordon Rennie (2002-03-21)


  • Mystery and investigation
  • Underrated classic
  • A change of pace from the war settings


  • Some repetitions in paragraphs
  • Never released a new Zavant book for a long time
  • A bit short for some readers

Best Warhammer Fantasy Novel: Hammers of Ulric

Hammers of Ulric (Knights of the Empire Book 1)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Abnett, Dan (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 320 Pages - Black Library (Publisher)

“As the forces of evil gather around the ancient mountain fortress of Middenheim, City of the White Wolf, only the Templar Knights of Ulric, led by Wolf Company Commander Ganz, stand between the city and ultimate annihilation.”

These are one of the most popular intro dialogues in the Warhammer universe. Hammers of Ulric is a story that revolves around the Templar Knights of Ulric. While there are no significant plot twists and highly bizarre plot points, Hammers of Ulric succeeds in its characters, narration and emotion. You cannot help but feel for each member of the Wolf Company while Commander Ganz shows his superiority to his men and against his enemies. It’s a great story about brotherhood and loyalty to the very end even if it means a fight to the death.

Hammers of Ulric (Knights of the Empire Book 1)


  • Epic battles
  • Awesome characters
  • Good narration


  • Later books feel a bit far off
  • Some villains are not very memorable
  • Little to no criticism

Alternative Warhammer Fantasy Novels

The Legend of Sigmar (Warhammer Chronicles Book 1)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • McNeill, Graham (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 969 Pages - 08/26/2017 (Publication Date) - Black Library (Publisher)

The Rise of Nagash (Warhammer Chronicles Book 2)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Lee, Mike (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 1059 Pages - 10/28/2017 (Publication Date) - Black Library (Publisher)

What I Would Buy?

Warhammer has a lot of great books but if you want our personal preference, we choose Gotrek and Felix above the rest as the best Warhammer Fantasy. However, that does not mean the others are bad. Zavant is a great mystery novel as a standalone book while Hammers of Ulric is an ultimate “bro” book full of action.


Where do I start with Warhammer fantasy books?

There’s no real starting point in the WH Fantasy books but you should start with Gotrek and Felix since it includes lots of explanations about the world.

Are the Warhammer Fantasy books good?

Yes they are. They are arguably better than a lot of fantasy books right now.

How many Warhammer novels are there?

Currently, there are 462 books published since 1987.

Is Black Library canon?

It has been an argument among the community but Black Library is considered both canon and non-canon because Games Workshop never had a canon rating to start with.

How many volumes does Gotrek and Felix have?

There are 13 books to the Gotrek and Felix saga.