One of swords

One of Swords focuses on delivering high quality, direct to the point gaming & hardware reviews. If you’re wondering why we chose the name One of Sowrds or what it means… We attempt to explain why we chose the name for this project.

Mark Ashton

Mark Ashton


Oh HAI There… I’m Mark and I run this site, a little about me below.

  • I’ve been gaming since the 1980s
  • C64 was my first console
  • My favorite game genre is FPS
  • Some old games that I hold close to my heart, Quake, Half-Life, CS, Doom… and of course Duke Nukem! (It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of gum!)
  • New games CS GO, COD seriees (Call of Duty), Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront!

why is this site called “one of swords” ?

Well… Swords are cool… Everyone likes Swords

Don’t beleive me? I’ll let Randy Marsh explain